Janet Smith has always had a talent for crafting, a talent she inherited from her Mom.  Even as a child she made quality homemade cards and gifts for family and friends. In 1999 she started a small successful handmade inspirational gifts business, which included a small line of jewelry. But when she left Indiana a year and a half later, she had to temporarily close the business. However shortly after moving to Florida, a family hardship occurred where she unexpectedly became a single parent and her main focus was raising her three young children and she never found the time to re-start that particular venture. However, this did not stop her from designing. Over the years, as a design idea struck, she would grab pen and paper (usually scrap pieces, sticky notes and even napkins) and sketch out a design and add it to her design folder. Then in 2007 she started creating again, this time only making jewelry, mostly for herself, and gifts for friends and family. She was receiving compliments on her jewelry and encouraged to exhibit her handiwork. Now that her children are grown and out on their own, the time had finally come to pursue her passion of creating wearable works of art and to present them to the world, so Emerald Creations was born.

Her primary inspiration are the beads and components themselves. She starts with a particular focal or bead and then allows its colors, patterns and textures to determine the direction she takes to enhance that piece and make it shine. She particularly loves texture; it’s the spice that makes a bland dish so delicious. So in many of her designs you will find corrugated, filigree, faceted or textured components to give them that special flavor!

What sets her jewelry apart from others is she does not mass produce her jewelry. Some of her jewelry designs may have similar components, but no two are ever exactly the same. She selects only top-quality components and tries to find unique pieces that are in limited supply, so she can create spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find in any mall.