Chokers have never really gone out of style; they’ve simply evolved over the years. We’ve seen the velvet ribbon, the lacy tattoo, the metallic link, a simple string of beads and even the beaded weave. The adaptability and variety of the choker is incredible. You can layer your basic choker with other necklaces for a fuller look or choose a simplistic one for a delicate, yet elegant style. Depending on your personal style and the particular occasion you can appropriately accessorize your outfit with a choker that best suits your overall mood and style. With this in mind, the choker can be worn with your everyday clothes or even the most elegant of outfits. It is so versatile it can adapt to any fashion you are wearing. For instance a simple metallic choker can look great with jeans and a scoop-neck tee and that same choker can make your evening out on the town attire more alluring.

So why am I talking about chokers? This happens to be my most recent design obsession. I’ve been noticing them more and more and decided it was time for me to bring my own unique twist on this undying jewelry trend. I am working with a variety of gemstones, crystals and silver beads to create an assortment of chokers that will fit any style. I have designed some basic single-strand beaded pieces, a few multi-strand designs and then there are a few more elaborate designs that will accentuate any outfit with a plunging neckline. Below is a small glimpse of the more simplistic designs I have in the works.