Danglers Have Arrived!

Posted by Janet Smith on Oct 14th 2017

Danglers Have Arrived!

I think we all have experienced wanting something we have found to be something else entirely. Let me give you an example... You go into a gift shop to purchase a keychain for your best friend's birthday, but you can't seem to find one you think she will like and use. What you do find is a great looking charm that suits her perfectly and would make the perfect keychain, however the charm is on a bracelet that you know she will never wear, why?... because she doesn't like bracelets so she never wears them. Here lies the dilemma, do you go ahead and purchase the bracelet, knowing it will never be worn and spend its existence in a drawer somewhere, or get it and spend even more money and try to convert it to a keychain yourself? Most likely not, you will end up leaving that shop and go somewhere else to hopefully find that perfect keychain.

So I decided when developing some of my designs for beaded gifts, I would let you the customer decide what the final product will be. So I created the "Dangler" which is an elaborate beaded charm that can be transformed into almost anything. Add a swivel clip clasp and you can clip it onto purses, backpacks, totes, zippers, wallets, belts, pockets and more. Choose to add a large hammered split ring and it becomes an attractive keychain, you can also choose the split ring with a swivel clip clasp to make a 2-in-1 keychain charm or add silver ball chain and it becomes a remarkable one of a kind auto rearview mirror decoration.

Our “Danglers” are created with various crystal, glass, and metal beads set on silver wire, eye pins and/or head pins. Then you choose the finishing component to make it what you want it to be.

Below I've taken our Green Lampwork Dangler (D109) and have photographed it with each of the options available to show what each option looks like as a final product.